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Stadium Soneto with first release


The Norwegian indie rock band - PloofoolP - is finely releasing their first album. During 1996 and 1997 they rehearsed and recorded an EP and an album "Loop Panic Strikes" in Stovner Rock Studio late 1997.

They used to praktice in the same room as the famous norwegian death metal group Mayhem. But after the killing and death by Mayhems guitarist, P loofool P moved in to spread music in a creative and respectful environment. Maybe this was on a contrast of the dark that had infected the early tenants minds. But love struck down and created a situation the bandmembers could not exist in.

But now, this marvelous recording is availible to everyone for a love of playing in a band only for fun.
org. nr.: 998 609 933
Contact: Stadium Helpdesk